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 We are  Christian game design company that seeks to create family friendly games that brings people to enjoy friendship around a table!

Christ Centered

Games that seek to honor God while bringing an exciting play experience!

Family Friendly

Games that are safe to play for and around the whole family

Bringing Togetherness

Games foster fellowshipping and sharing life around a table.

Family business

We are a family that seeks to honor God and love on your family!

Our Games!

Enjoy quality family friendly games from us!

The Candy Man
The Candy Man<br>
The Symbol Pairing Pattern Matching Strategy Mixing Game For The Whole Family
Old man Belvedere Kettlebottom, owner of the town of Fairhaven’s Potato Factory, has decided to expand and create a Candy Factory. He is need of a new Head Candy Maker and has issued a challenge to all perspective townsfolk to compete and see who can mix the greatest collection of candy recipes where the winner will obtaining the coveted new job. You are one of the townsfolk who are competing for the job.

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